1)    The Right of admission is reserved.

2)    Entrance to Bailar events (The Event) is not refundable.

3)    You enter the event at your own risk. Bailar shall not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind.

4)    Bailar does not accept responsibility for any lost or stolen property.

5)    By purchasing entrance to The Event you consent to filming, sound recording and photography as a member of the audience and such material may be used for commercial or non-commercial use.

6)    Personal photographic equipment for non-commercial use is permitted, but please ask permission before recording video of participants.

7)    If an event is cancelled, Bailar shall not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred, including but not limited to, accommodation or transport costs or any direct or indirect losses or damage of whatever kind.

8)    Bailar reserves the right to refuse admission into any event, which may take health, safety and security concerns into account at their reasonable discretion.

9)    Customers may be refused entry or ejected from an event at the organisers discretion, for reasons including but not limited to:

i)      Not being a member of Bailar, not being on the guest list due to not having been invited to the event or not having booked and purchased a place at the event.

ii)     Bringing or attempting to bring people with you who have not been invited to the event.

iii)    Attire regarded by the organisers as inappropriate to the spirit of the event.

iv)   Abusive, threatening, drunken, or antisocial behaviour, either in or outside the event, including internet abuse.

v)    An illness that could be passed to others.
Carrying of weapons or illegal substances.

vi)   Making an unauthorised audio, video or photographic recording.

vii)  Teaching of other participants.

viii) A style or standard of dancing that compromises the enjoyment or safety of others.

ix)   Behaviour, in or outside the event, that is not in accord with the ‘códigos’ of the event.

10) Promoting lessons or events by any other organisations at Bailar events is expressly forbidden without prior permission from the organisers.

11) No refunds will be offered to customers who are refused entry or ejected from an event.


These conditions of issue are governed by English law. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with them shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Court.