At Bailar we try to ensure that everyone has the most enjoyable experience possible.


At our Milongas and Tea Dances, there will always be a limited number of places so that we can ensure a comfortable, moving ronda, as well as providing plenty of space to circulate off the dance floor.


At our workshops, we will always balance the numbers of leaders and followers.



We ask that everyone books in advance for all of our events.


You can reserve places at some of our upcoming events but still pay us on the door via the event page on our website, and for certain events you will be able to pay in advance using PayPal with a credit or debit card (handling fees will apply).


A couple should always be a pairing of a leader and a follower.


To book as ‘a couple’ you don’t need to be married; or like each other all that much; we won’t even insist you that you dance with each other! As long as you are a leader and a follower, you may book as a couple.


We make no distinction between the sexes when it comes to leaders and followers, as we know that there are many Tangueras and Tangueros who both lead and follow.

So if you are a single Leading Lady, please book as such, or if you are a Leading Lady and wish to book with a fellow Tanguera, by all means do so as a couple.

Leading Ladies are of course also free to dance the follower’s role but we would point out that, if booking as a Leading Lady there will be an expectation that you actually dance as a leader for a fair amount of the time.







Book away! There will always be spaces for couples (up to the limit for each event), and this will always be the best way of guaranteeing a place.




So that we don’t disadvantage either single Tangueras or Tangueros, we ask that all dancers wishing to book individually, do so by getting in touch using the contact form on the event page on our website. We will then allocate places as they become available on a strictly first come first served basis. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation via email as soon as we can. If in the meantime you find a partner to book with, please then do so as a couple. We will see you have booked and will take you off the waiting list.